How to Clean Car Headlights

Clean Car Headlights

Lighting is one of the basic components of safety in the car. We must take special care in its maintenance and have all the optical groups in perfect operation when we need them, and make sure they do not fail to work. Car lights are an important auto part for safety in your car and not only used to see at night, but also to be seen in poor visibility conditions, such as rain, fog, tunnels, etc. However, this auto part does not give the attention it deserves.

Let’s see what we can do to improve this section and see everything more clearly. We will do it in order, starting from the easiest to do and ending with the most complicated. Although our car has simple halogen headlights and these never reach the efficiency of the adaptive led headlights of the latest generation models, we can make the most of them and improve their performance.

The Components Get Dirty Easily


Two components in car headlight get dirty usually: the glass and the reflector or projector. Cleaning the exterior of the housing is obvious and that we can all do and have done, but sometimes cleaning the interior is also necessary.

Clean Car Headlights

Tutorial to Clean


Currently, most headlights come sealed, and it is difficult to remove the glass, but with patience and skill, it can do with an air heater blowing towards the joint area of both pieces to soften the tail and be able to separate them. In other cars, they are easily removable by releasing the clips that connect them.

If you are not able to disassemble it, you should never try to fill it with water and shake the headlight installs h1 led bulb as if you were cleaning a bottle. The reflector part should not be touched or wet under any circumstances, as the metal covering that acts as a mirror is easily detached. If you can dismantle it, clean the glass part well inside and out.

The heat emitted by the bulb produces air currents inside the headlight that cause a lot of dust to be deposited in certain areas, which gives the headlight a somewhat smoky appearance when it is very dirty. The slight difference between a clean headlight and a dirty headlight can be up to 70%.

Clean Car Headlights

A dirty headlight not only causes us to lose luminosity, but it also causes more glare, since the light did not reflect and evenly distributed and a lot of scattered light appears.

Once the housing cleaned, we must mount it, avoiding touching the parts of the interior with the hands and paying great care to its sealing.

Be careful with the joints and clips that fix the headlight reflector on the parts that used to adjust it. If the headlight was well adjusted, try not to touch those settings. If you do, you will have to re-adjust its orientation.

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