Tips to Brake Your Car Properly

Brake Your Car

Braking is part of the driver’s routine, and it seems obvious to say that braking correctly in compromised circumstances is essential to avoid a fright or a greater evil. However, it is not so obvious that we take into account certain keys that will help us perform safe braking for both ourselves and other drivers. That is why today we want to give you some tips that will help you improve your driving:


Forever. It is the main precautionary measure that you must maintain in any route. Keep in mind, on the one hand, that your reflexes are not infallible, and on the other, that when you step on the brake, your car will still travel a certain distance with the reserve light until it stops completely. Experts have developed a formula by which that braking distance can be calculated and is equivalent to the square of the first speed figure at which the vehicle is traveling. That is, if you go at 100 km / h, your car will need 100 meters to stop (10 × 10 = 100). It is not little.


The ideal braking starts with gentle pressure, continues with an increase in pressure until you reach the necessary speed to avoid the collision, and ends with a decrease in pressure until the car completely stopped. However, faced with compromised situations, it isn’t very easy to perform soft and safe braking.

Brake Your Car

If you are going to enter a curve, try to adapt your speed before starting to draw it, especially if you do not know the section. In case you are already on the curve, try to brake smoothly to avoid understeer, which will cause your car to lose grip on the front and go against the curve. You can turn on your 921 led reserve light to illuminate the front road with a strong presentation lighting.

Another dangerous situation caused by improper braking on a curve may cause you to lose control of the rear of the car. In that case, try to reduce the speed smoothly so that the weight of the car returns to the rear, and you will recover grip.


Decreasing the speed by lowering the gear ratio will not only help you perform more natural and smooth braking but will eventually help you save costs because you will reduce the wear of the brake pads and discs. It is also the most advisable way to brake in certain situations so as not to fatigue the brakes, such as traffic jams or mountain roads, where you will force to accelerate and brake constantly


When we encounter an obstacle in the roadway, our first reaction is to tend to avoid it, but giving a blow can result in the loss of control of the vehicle, causing skidding, rollovers, or collisions with other vehicles. The best thing you can do when faced with an unforeseen obstacle is to keep the steering wheel firm and reduce speed as much as possible before moving it. Keep in mind that a small controlled collision will always be better than losing control of your car.

Brake Your Car

These keys will help you in compromised situations, but keep in mind that the main thing is that you do not lose control of the situation, and above all, keep calm. Common sense and experience will help you solve these situations.

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