Tips for Winter Driving in Snow Safely

Driving with Snow

If you are one of the lucky ones that this Friday does not work and you will take the opportunity to make a little escape, this post interests you. At this time of the year, it is common to take the opportunity to go snow skiing or enjoy a well-deserved rest. If this is your case and you are going to drive through mountainous areas where the snow is already present, pay attention to these tips that will make you avoid the occasional mishap  when driving with snow that can annoy your minivacations:

What happens if there is snow on the road?

With snow on the road, tire adhesion and road visibility minimized. With the first flakes, the firm becomes slippery, and, when it continues to accumulate, driving without chains becomes unfeasible. On the other hand, snow covers the signs and other road markings and can produce a feeling of dizziness.

Driving with Snow

How to act if I have to drive on the road with snow?

● Before leaving, check the traffic information of the area to which you are traveling. Remember that there are four levels of alert by colors, which are: Green (begins to snow), yellow (partially covered road), red (covered road), and black (very thick).

● Always drive with low beam on 

The headlight lights on in the dark road, in the foggy day, snow on the road. With 9005 bulb led, emitting a strong presentation lighting, helping the driver see the road clearly in snow and avoid danger occurs in advance.

● Moderate the speed and increase the safety distance concerning other vehicles (caution is very important since, with the firm slippery, the braking distance multiplied)

● If possible, circulate on the wheels of other vehicles, as it will facilitate the grip of the tires

Driving with Snow

● Use the steering wheel, accelerator, and brake smoothly. It is important that when driving with snow do not make sudden maneuvers

● Do not accelerate when starting the march, gently release the clutch foot; prevent skates

● Circulate with long gears not to skate

● Put the chains if it is necessary


Headlights, brake lights and everything that lights up on the car belong to the “lighting equipment”. It is critical to light them up on the snow road. They are generally type-approved in connection with the associated bulbs to install on a car with these devices. While you have a true ECE Approved led headlight, you need to pay attention. Because of the ECE headlight required to get a certification with the headlight.

Moreover, LED bulbs are small, versatile and energy-efficient. Although they are expensive, they need to be cooled to run effectively in the winter. Until then, the car owner will need to make the decision to make sure the car is more energy-efficient and safer with led headlight.

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