5 Tips to Drive at Night for You

drive at night

As human beings, our entire daily life is based primarily on daytime activities. In other words, work, school, office, government services, among others, are adjusted to the time between dawn and dusk.

Just as we are “preset” to perform our activities during the day, our attention and ability are much better while the sun star accompanies us, so it decreases considerably during the night.

About 90% of our reaction ability based on sight, so at night it dramatically decreases. Our perception of depth, color recognition, and peripheral vision reduced too much. For this reason, driving at night is one of the most dangerous activities we can do. If we add drunk or drowsy drivers, a lost animal, or a reckless pedestrian who crosses the street through improper places, the problem becomes more acute.

With the idea of ​​helping you prevent an accident and improve your driving, we give you five tips to drive at night.

drive at night

1. Stay alert and sober

You have to be alert of drunk drivers and “experts” who want to participate in the latest sequel to ” Fast and Furious .” However, outside of taking care of your surroundings, you should pay attention to your body.

Avoid taking medications that cause drowsiness. Also, do not eat foods with high levels of carbohydrates as they cause sleep, instead eat the high-protein ones. If you are driving for long hours at night, take a previous nap, so you are resting and not sleepy.

If you can, and you don’t dislike it, I had one or two cups of coffee. It proves that caffeine helps keep you awake and alert for an hour or more, depending on the physical condition of each person.

Join a good co-pilot. In addition to going with good music, always a person with a good talk will keep you attentive to the road, you also have a good time, and the trip becomes shorter.

Finally, avoid drinking alcoholic beverages. Some many previous studies and recommendations have pointed out how dangerous it is to drive under the influence of alcohol. Remember, if you drink, don’t drive.

2. Let there be light

As we discussed earlier, with the reduction of sunlight, our vision and recognition of forms significantly altered. So it is very important to see and be noticed.

Turn on the h3 led bulb low beam lights and make sure they work perfectly. If you have to repair any optics, do it shortly. Also, you have to keep them clean;  mud, dust, and other agents reduce their intensity, which you don’t want to happen at night. By having your bright lights, you can see well around you and let yourself see, either for drivers who go ahead or in front. You can visualize the deformations of the road, pedestrians, animals, motorcycles, and others.

3. Do not use high beams improperly

The high lights of your unit used for circumstances where the light is zero and the darkness is intense. They are also used quickly to notify you that you want to overstep or yield.

However, there is always a driver who does not respect and uses them improperly, as if to pressure you to change a lane or to disturb your neighbor. If this happens and you have the vehicle in the opposite direction, I looked down without losing sight of the road; Guide through the dividing lines or dates in the pee or indicating the street address. If it comes behind, it uses the anti-glare function in the rearview mirror.

4. Use the technology for your safety

If you travel somewhere, you don’t know or any part of the city that is unfamiliar to you, use technology for your safety.

I had a cell phone near you. If you have an accident, if you are too tired or drunk to drive, it will help you communicate with a family member or your insurance.

If you can, use a GPS. It is an ideal tool to reach a place that you do not know, or if you get lost, during the night, our sense of orientation is altered even more so that an instrument that tells you where you are and where you are going is a great ally.

If you have a high-end car with infrared function, use it. This technology allows you to detect objects, people, and animals seconds before they enter the range of headlights, giving you crucial reaction time.

drive at night

5. I had an emergency kit

If you have a mishap on your own or go by caravan with another vehicle during the night, a basic emergency kit is essential for any setback.

With little money in a supermarket or specialized business, you can buy an emergency kit. Now, if you don’t want to spend, you can put together one, then we recommend what you should include, including the regulations:

-First aid kit (mandatory)

-Criquet (mandatory)

-Regulatory beacons (mandatory)

-Refractory vest (mandatory)

-Regulatory fire extinguisher anchored in the passenger compartment (mandatory)

-Trailer room (mandatory)

-Power cables

-Basic tool kit: tweezers, screwdrivers, wrenches, etc.

-Water bottle

-Lantern with batteries

-Motor oil and brake fluid

-A sheet (not to get dirty if we have to check under the car)

-Latex gloves

-Deck sealer

-Spare optics lamps

-Tires pressure gauge


Not all of the above is necessary to load it daily, but if you are going to make a long trip, it recommended if the journey is going to be night.

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