Car Warning Light Symbols And Indicators

Car Warning Light Symbols

Dashboard warning lights and indicators provide drivers with valuable information about a vehicle’s status and condition. You are responsible for selecting your parking and compliance with all signs, laws, and regulations relating to parking. You also are responsible for compliance with the agreement with the operator of the parking facility as posted at the location or otherwise provided to you (which agreement will, in all cases, govern the parking arrangement). Allocation of parking spaces is not within our control and we do not guarantee the availability of a specific parking spot. Please use your best judgment when deciding on a parking facility or location and do not park at a facility or location that you do not feel is safe and secure.

Car Warning Light Symbols

One of the best ways to tell if the warning light that illuminates requires immediate attention or not is to look at the color of the warning light. The most serious warning lights will illuminate in red, telling you that your Nissan is in need of some attention from a certified Nissan service center if the dashboard light that illuminates is yellow or green, the light may mean that a system (such as cruise control or high beams) is on or that there is an issue in the Nissan, though it doesn’t necessarily require immediate attention. Take a look below at some of Nissan’s most common dashboard warning lights, and remember that indicator lights on your specific Nissan may vary based on the model, trim level and equipment.

Indicates Check Engine Light. Could be due to as small a reasons as fuel cap been loose or clogged air filter to major issues like Catalytic Converter or Oxygen Sensor needs replacement. In CNG Fitment – it may occur due to loose electrical wiring or Tuning up not done in an optimized way. If Light is Blinking – it indicates a serious malfunction Problem and advisable to call up Road Side Assistance to tow car to the workshop.

Car Warning Light Symbols

Dashboard warning lights may illuminate red, orange, green or blue, red indicating a more serious malfunction where the vehicle should be checked immediately. Orange lights indicate less serious issues such as the vehicle needing service. Flashing red warning lights indicate an urgent malfunction. Green or blue dashboard light symbols provide the driver with information only.

Oil Pressure Warning – this light will illuminate when the oil pressure sensor detects low oil pressure, the vehicle’s engine should be switched off immediately to avoid severe engine damage and the oil level check to ensure correct quantity in the engine. Professional help should be sought if the oil level is correct and light continues to show. An amber light is also used in some vehicles to warn when the oil level is getting low and a top-up is required.

Car Warning Light Symbols

Yellow and orange lights are usually advisories. They aren’t as urgent as red lights, but they still provide important information. For example, in most cars, the tire pressure sign, the low fuel sign, and the engine check sign are all yellow or orange. You can probably still drive the car safely for the time being, but something will require your attention soon.

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