What You should Know About Car Parking Lights

Do you know what may be the most misunderstood lamps on cars? At my work, we use pretty much every possible lighting combination to communicate with other people in the yard. For example, I may be moving a box van when a tractor-trailer comes by. I’ll turn off my headlights to signal that I’m giving right of way to the tractor but I’ll leave the parking lights on to communicate to others that the box van is occupied and running.

North Carolina law does not ban neon lights outright, only certain colors of light. Vehicle owners can still use neon lights in colors other than blue or red. Neon lights come in a variety of colors, such as green, pink, purple, orange and yellow. North Carolina law also specifically allows the use of amber lighting as a warning light, even on privately owned vehicles.

When led car lights are used in a headlamp, the driver is able to drive safely even in rural areas where there are no street lights. Roads in rural areas are hazardous due to bumps and potholes. The other danger posed to driver driving on rural roads is overhanging branches found in narrow lanes. They can cause trouble when the driver fails to see them on time. If you like driving in the country-side or off-road for long distances, you should look forward to change car lights to LEDs.

What You should Know About Using Car Parking Lights

Traditional low-beam headlights often don’t provide enough illumination for drivers to always see a vehicle, pedestrian, animal, or object in time to brake to avoid hitting it, Stockburger says. Turning on the high beams can solve the problem, but the majority of drivers (64 percent, according to a recent AAA survey) do not use the high beams regularly. Also, some drivers complain that auto-dimmer features—designed to switch off the high beams in the presence of an oncoming vehicle—are too slow to react and can cast dangerous glare into the eyes of drivers in oncoming cars.

Even lights that are aimed correctly can cast a dim glow if something is blocking the light, so be sure to clean the road grime from your headlights often. If you have an older car with plastic lens covers, those covers might have yellowed or faded over the years. The best fix is to buy a headlight polish kit and new h11 led bulb kit to remove the haze so your lights shine through brightly. And check that they produce the same amount of light as they did when new. Aged incandescent bulbs make less light than new ones.

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