How to Use Headlight in Driving at night

Obviously, the first thing you need to do when driving at night is to turn on your lights. The normal ones or the high beams depending on the situation where the light switch is located and how many positions it will have was vary depending on the vehicle. It’s usually located on the turn signal lever or on the dashboard to the left of the steering wheel.

The most common positions are in the off position which is pretty self-explanatory the lights are off, but in some vehicles, the daylights were still be on if the engine is running more on that later. The second position is for the daytime running lights also called fog lights, sometimes what this will do will depend on the vehicle it can turn on the daytime lights.

I either leave the switch at the off position when lights are not needed or I turn it to the regular position whenever needed either at night or on low-light conditions. The third position is for the regular lights in this position all lights are on, you should put the switch when driving at night.

Now a very common misconception is that they think that the second position is for the regular lights and the third one is for the high beams not so to activate. The high beams you’ll usually have to either push or pull on your flasher lever depending on the vehicle, the daytime lights and the regular lights will be indicated by a green icon on the dashboard and the high beams will be indicated by a blue icon.

Some vehicles also have an auto position on the light switch if you leave the switch on that position, the vehicle will take care of switching. The lights on and off by itself depending on ambient light you might also have noticed a knob with an icon of a light bulb on your dashboard. That’s for controlling the intensity of the dashboard lights, in these two cases you either rotate it or push it up or down up to increase the intensity down to dim. You can also adjust the angle of your lights, you can roll the button up or down to adjust the height of the light beam.¬†There’s an example, everything off the engine on daytime running lights normal light also daytime running lights are not available in every country or on some older vehicles. Turn on your lights manually, turn your lights on a bit before it starts to get dark.

Night driving are fatigue and alcohol consumption try not to drive for too long stretches at night. Since we tend to get more tired at night coupled with the fact that there are less users on the road, we tend to be less alert. So that makes it more likely that we fall asleep things like drinking coffee or energy drinks, singing out loud, opening a window or turning on the air-conditioning to stay awake.

Don’t forget to turn your lights off before leaving the vehicle including the interior lights. If you turn them on or you’ll drain the battery, although some vehicles have systems that turn the lights off automatically after a certain amount of time.

Note: Car lights is important whatever on illuminating or giving a signal to other drivers. If you notice your car headlight is being dim and not enough on brightness. You should change it immediately for safe driving. A new headlight bulb is not expensive at all, a halogen headlight bulb kit is perhaps 20 dollars while an h4 led headlight bulb is around 40 dollars. If you shop on Ledoauto, you will get 20% discount by using our coupon: easytodrive.

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