A Good Driving Style Can Save Your Money

Driving style is important, some people believe that driving fast or slow, soft or rough is a matter of personal taste. But actually, the driving style decide on how much you will invest in maintenance, spare parts and gas. Good driving style can save your money. So here I will give some tips to you for having a better driving style.


  1. Speed up smoothly, making the car to gradually increase speed.

When you are totally stopped, it is necessary to take care of that first touch of the accelerator pedal. It should be slow-moving, smooth and gradual. You will realize that you do it well when the sound of the engine is quieter. Neither at low nor high speeds should the sound of the engine be heard making the effort to abruptly change speed.

  1. Learn to brake softly and little

Braking is an art. It is essential to learn to brake smoothly to avoid wear of the brake pads or even worse, the brakes are heated.

The first secret is to avoid using the brakes as much as possible. To do this, braking with a motor will be essential. However, if you must use the brake pedal, you should press gently and gradually. Before the car stops, it will gradually release the brake pressure, and then brakes in its entirety to make the car doesn’t make any movement.

In the long run, jerky jerks when braking and accelerating can damage the engine.

  1. Maintain a Constant speed

Maintaining a constant speed is the secret to saving fuel and preventing further wear and tear on the car.

Perhaps some feel the temptation to always go in the high-speed lane. However, if you drive fast, you will have to brake more often and this will wear the brakes. In the same way, every time you accelerate sharply, you inject a greater amount of fuel. Besides, you can react better to any inconvenience, such as a bump, a strainer or a collision risk.

You will see that implementing these tips will save you a lot of money!

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