7 Tips for Driving at Night Safety

When driving at night, our visibility is limited. Poor light from headlight, glare from other vehicles, multiple reasons make us be unable to see the traffic situation clearly. Objects that appear on the road like other vehicles, animals or obstacles, etc., are easily detected in daylight but hardly in the dark. Besides, we are possible to be sleepy and lack of concentration at night driving.

According to the statistics of the National Traffic Safety Administration of the United States, the number of traffic accidents by night driving is three times more than by daytime driving although the density of night traffic is not significant.

Driving at night always entails a potential danger from the darkness. In the event that night driving is unavoidable, the following tips can help you avoid accidents.


7 tips for driving at night safety

#1, When driving at night, light plays the most important role. Therefore, you have to check that the lighting systems work properly, especially the headlights. In many cases, as one of the two lights does not work, the vehicles in the opposite way cannot see it well and cause accidents.


#2, Make sure that the lights of the two headlights have a standard light beam, because if not, the lighting is decreased on road and can not create a sufficient illuminated area to ensure safety when other vehicles come in the opposite way.

#3, To ensure safe night driving, drivers should clean the inside of the windshield. Dirt increases the glare capacity of the eyes, and to avoid it, drivers must turn their eyes to the right. When driving with fog, it is necessary to use a dipped beam and turn on fog lights. The dipped beam should also be used when there is a vehicle in the opposite direction, otherwise, the oncoming driver will be dazzled. as a consequence, he will not be able to see the front signals and will cause accidents.

#4, When driving at night, you should absolutely avoid alcohol. It is mandatory for all drivers. You should abandon the idea of driving home or take a long trip if you drink. Drunkenness makes you sleepy and loss of consciousness. Although you are not drunk, alcohol will make you react slower than normal.

#5, Keep a greater distance with the car ahead at night than the day time in order to react in time. It is important to pay attention to traffic signals as well.

#6, You should not drive at night if you have bad eyesight. The sight of many people at day time is better than at night (night blindness).

#7, It is difficult to detect obstacles at night. That’s why we should reduce speed on countryside road. Be careful with animals, they may appear suddenly and you do not have enough time to stop your car.

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