5 The Most Common Mistakes New Drivers Make

Starting to drive is not easy and requires a lot of practice and responsibility, so it is normal to make some mistakes at the beginning. Not all new drivers drive in the same way or have the same mistakes since not all have the same age and inexperience. However, we still can sum up the most common mistakes in young novice drivers.


1), The biggest problem that a new driver will face is the change of vehicle since being used to driving with the driving school car, switching to your own is always a bit complicated.  You are not fully controlling the dimensions of the vehicle so that you can’t control well on turning, speeding, braking, and parking.

2), The use of the mobile device at the wheel causes most new drivers to be distracted and not pay full attention to the road. The new driver is not familiar to the roads so they normally need an app to guide them to a destination. But when they listen to the app, they will be not able to fully pay attention to the road situation.

3), New drivers usually lack confidence. So they tend to reduce speed too much or even drive in the center lane when they must do it on the right, which is also counterproductive. Also, their insecurity alters the ability to make decisions, a very important factor for driving.

5 The Most Common Mistakes New Drivers Make

4), Don’t take into account the different weather condition. Rain, foggy days will make the driver’s vision difficult and risk their safety.

5), Neglect the maintenance of the vehicle. This is the most common mistake to new drivers. But, it is very important to inspect your vehicle, especially to check the oil level, the level of the coolant, the pressure and the condition of the tires, or the maintenance of the battery.

All in all, practice makes the experience. Just keep practicing, keep going, one day you will be experienced.

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