How to Ride a Motorcycle in Fog

Drive a Motorcycle With Fog

At this point, we all know that motorists are much more vulnerable than other drivers, especially in situations of poor visibility. Therefore, we insist many times on those aspects that will help us reach our destination safer.

Fog is one of those circumstances that can catch us by surprise and can lead to certain problems. It is considered fog when condensed water vapor makes visibility less than a kilometer. And a kilometer is very little!

The fog also causes a  sensation of cold, is sticky and wet, and sometimes “wet” really.  It can circulate with fog, but if the fog does not dissipate, it is advisable to leave the road with the motorcycle and wait for it to clear.

Mist classification according to visibility

Depending on their visibility, there are different types of fog, and several types can converge in the same section. We must pay attention, therefore, to changes invisibility.


00 – From 0 to 25 m – Dense fog, without visibility

0 – From 25 to 50 m – Very dense fog, without visibility

1 – 50 to 100 m – thick fog, poor visibility

2 – From 100 to 500 m -Fog, very low visibility

3 – 500 to 1,000 m – Fog, poor visibility

Drive a Motorcycle With Fog

Try to see

Keep in mind that just as you have poor visibility in foggy situations, other drivers will also find it hard to see you. That is why it is so important to see how to be seen. Having the lights in perfect condition is essential. If there is fog, it is very important always to carry the short lights, NEVER the long ones, since the light would be reflected in the fog and would reduce our visibility even more. If you have fog lights or warning lights, activate them, and try to activate the brake light from time to time so that they can see you from behind.


We all know that headlight is an essential part of night driving. It is replacing a led bulb such as the h1 bulb led that illuminates a uniformity and flat light beam. It can improve the driving experience and the driver’s version in the fog.


If the fog catches you off guard, the waterproof clothes will be of great help, because in the long run, it ends up stamping. If your clothes do not have reflective strips, it will always be useful to wear a reflective vest under the seat. Helmets with anti-fog systems, such as screens designed to house pin-lock, are also an advantage in these types of situations. If this is not your case, you will probably end up with the fogged screen. If it happens, stop and get off the road.

Drive a Motorcycle With Fog


We cannot go at the same speed when visibility reduced. You have to adapt the speed enough to react to any eventuality at the speed that goes. If visibility is so low that you can’t see the road’s stripes, stop and get off the road; The fog will pass.

Safety distance

Increase the distance that separates you from the vehicle that precedes you beyond what you would normally do. In fog, you may have to give a sudden stop, and in that case, you will want to have the maximum number of meters between him and you. Your braking will be smoother and more progressive, and that of those who come behind you, too. If the safety distance you need prevents you from seeing the lights of the one before you, stop and exit the road.


The concentration to accomplish all of the above is the key, but more so is common sense. When the fog bank dissipates, don’t trust yourself, since another might wait for you later. Also, it is normal that the fog has passed through and that the asphalt is wet, so you must keep all precautions.

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